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Special Events, Event Planning Tips, News, Guides & Followup. Wishes+ Christmas, New year, Birthday, Wedding etc. International & Local Events.
making a thumb drive USB key Halloween mask can really be fun as it gives you this scary face with the face turned upside down.. not just that, it also tells a bit of your tech sense and makes you stand out as well among the crowd. yes, something unique that is rarely seen or wore by almost just everyone. To make a thumb drive/USB key, do the following.

Equipments Needed:

  • CardBoard
  • Spray paint
  • Glue
  • A mask . You can get one from amazon Here or from winter-croft.
To make a thumb drive/USB key, take a cardboard box, spray paint it black and glue on some gold-colored paper. quiet simple and easy to do. Now cut out a curve for your head, depending on your head shape and style you prefer to use. its that easy, just add or apply the mask you already bought from amazon or winter-croft to your face whenever you feel like using it as it is detachable.

 Image of matt cutts rocking the Thumb Drive USB Key Halloween Mask.

 PS: do not use a gum on the mask, so you can always take it out at will.. liked what you just read? feel free to share it with your family, friends and loved ones on your social circle using any of the share buttons below. Sharing is caring.

Special Events, Event Planning Tips, News, Guides & Followup. Wishes+ Christmas, New year, Birthday, Wedding etc. International & Local Events.
So you have made the decision to host a Thanksgiving party this year.  If so, have you started planning already?  Regardless of whether or not you have started the planning, you are advised to start it early. Generally, planning a party, even a Thanksgiving party, is a lot easier said than done.

That is why it is important that you start planning for your party early, you will find that there are a number of benefits to doing so.

Happy thanksgiving early party eventxl

Before you can start to understand the benefits of planning for your party early, it is important to remember one thing, the definition of the word early.  It is a known fact that when it comes to doing something early, we all have different views.

One thing is for sure, early means different things to different individuals.  For this article, we are considering early to be about two or three weeks before your party.  Depending on your own personal preference, you may choose to plan your Thanksgiving party even earlier; it is completely up to you.

Reasons to start planning thanksgiving party on time

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of starting to plan your Thanksgiving party early is that you will have all of your bases covered. As previously mentioned, planning party isn’t always as easy as it may seem or sound.

As much as we would like to purchase all of our needed supplies, problems arise.  Whether you are unable to find that you wanted or you didn’t purchase enough of what you needed, you don’t want to be left unprepared.

Preparing for your Thanksgiving party in advance will help to ensure that you have all of the supplies, including the decorations and food that you need to have.  If by some chance you didn’t get everything you needed, you should be able to notice before the day of your party arrives.

Whether you are planning on including a Thanksgiving dinner with your party or not, you will still
need to get food and drinks.  Depending on the size of your Thanksgiving party, those food and drinks could get fairly expensive.

That is why it may be a good idea to start buying these items ahead of time. Doing so, will not only enable you to get the supplies that you need, ahead of time, but it may also help you get your food and drinks at a more affordable price.

Whenever you happen to be in a store and you see something that you could use at your party, you are advised to get it, especially if that item is on sale.  Purchasing food and drinks for your party while they are on sale, is a great way to have an amazing, but low-cost party.

In addition to food and drinks, there is also a good chance that you would like to decorate for your Thanksgiving party.  Unfortunately, not all retail stores carry a large selection of Thanksgiving decorations.  Sometimes, it seems as if they skip Thanksgiving and jump right to Christmas.

This does not mean that you cannot get the Thanksgiving decorations that you wanted to have, it just means that you should try and purchase them early. This will help to ensure that you get the decorations that you wanted to have.

This is extremely important because, in addition to carrying a limited number of decorations, most retail stores do not replenish their holiday items.  Essentially, this means that when the decorations are gone, they are gone.

Another one of the many reasons why you should start planning your Thanksgiving party early is because the sooner you start your planning, the sooner you can invite your party guests. Around the holidays, you will find that many people already have plans or something that they would like to do.

This does not mean that you shouldn’t have a Thanksgiving party; it just means that you need to invite your guests before they make other plans.  You will want to invite your guests, at least, two weeks before your party, but it may be a good idea to send out invitations a month or so early.

There is a good chance that no matter what you do or when you start planning, your Thanksgiving party will be a success.  Despite being a success, you can benefit a number of different ways, by planning your Thanksgiving party early.

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Special Events, Event Planning Tips, News, Guides & Followup. Wishes+ Christmas, New year, Birthday, Wedding etc. International & Local Events.
Thanksgiving day 2017 is to hold Thursday, November 23 source-- Google Search instant result

Do you have any plans for this coming Thanksgiving?  If not, how about the thought of/about hosting a Thanksgiving party for you, your family members, close friends, or your close neighbors?

While a large number of individuals wish to host a Thanksgiving party, many just end up choosing not to. One of the obvious reasons for that is because, many individuals do not think that they have a

If you are in the category of persons who assume this about yourself, you may be wrong. Before you automatically write off a Thanksgiving party, it is advised that you review the most common signs listed below; that is;

reasonable reason to host a Thanksgiving party and on the other hand, many fear that they won't make a good party host.

Some signs that you may make a great Thanksgiving party host.

1. You Love The Holidays

Perhaps, one of the biggest or obviously the biggest sign that you should host a Thanksgiving party is if you love the holidays. While most percentage of persons tend to enjoy the holiday season, including Thanksgiving, there are some of us who enjoy it more than the others. 

If you are one of those individuals, a Thanksgiving party may be the perfect way to spend your holiday. Being the host of a Thanksgiving party will allow you to share your love for the holidays with your friend and family. 

2. You Like to Plan Parties

Another sign you should throw a Thanksgiving party is if you like to plan parties.  When it comes to hosting a party, even a Thanksgiving party, a lot of planning and preparation is needed. Despite all of the planning and preparation, there are just some individuals who love to plan parties.

In fact, there are plenty of men and women who actually make a career out of their love for parties. If you find it exciting to plan a Thanksgiving party, despite all of the work that it may entail, you may be the perfect candidate for a Thanksgiving party host. 

In addition to your love for planning a party, there is also a chance that you may want to show off your party planning skills. While some are afraid to admit the need to show their friends or family what they are capable of, you shouldn't be; it is a completely normal feeling.

That is why there is a good chance that you want all of your friends, family member, co-workers, neighbors, or anyone else that you invite to your Thanksgiving party to see just how good of a job you can do when it relates party planning. 

For that reason, if not only enjoy planning and hosting parties, but you also want to show those that you know how good you are at doing so, you may be the perfect candidate for a Thanksgiving party host. 

3.You Have Friends That May Not be Doing Anything for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Another one of the many sings that you should and may make a great thanksgiving  party host is, if you have friends or other family members that may not be doing anything for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving is often associated with fun times and family dinners, but there are some individuals who do not always get to see their family on Thanksgiving. Whether you or your friends have relatives that recently passed away or moved from the area, a Thanksgiving party may be the best way to spend the holiday.

Therefore, if you don't want to be alone for the holidays or if you don't  want those that you know to be alone, you may seriously want to consider hosting a Thanksgiving party.

4. You Love Parties

In the general sense, if you love parties, it may also be a good idea for you to plan a Thanksgiving party. Those who love parties, especially attendees, sometimes make the perfect party hosts. This is so because, as a frequent party guest, you tend to have inside information on parties and what makes them a success.

For instance, you already may know what type of snacks are ideal for parties and which should be left for another occasion and so on. So, if you love being wherever there is a party, it may be time for you to not just be a guest, but a party host. 

Whether one of the scenarios mentioned above, or all of them describes/ applies to you, you may be the perfect person to host a Thanksgiving party. Truth be told, you actually do not need a bunch of signs to tell you whether or not if you should host a Thanksgiving party. 

If you want to host a party, go right ahead.  Chances are, your party will go off without a hitch. It really don't matter if you have vast experience on party planning or not, there's a regular saying "No Venture, No Success". You just have to give it a shot, get help from some of your friends already doing it and move on.

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Special Events, Event Planning Tips, News, Guides & Followup. Wishes+ Christmas, New year, Birthday, Wedding etc. International & Local Events.
When it comes to  planning a New Years Eve party, one of the most important items of business to consider is creating the guest list. This is no doubt important because the number of guests you plan to have at your party will have an influence in the number of the decisions at the party.

Some of these decisions may include but not limited to, the location of the party as well as the food which will be offered. However, this is not the only reason why it is important to create a guest list early. It is also vital  to do this so you can make plans for potential conflicts which are an unfortunately occurrence in any circle of friends. Yea, it doesn't have to be perfect at all times.

This article will discuss the mediation (time spent thinking)  a party host often has to perform and will also discuss how the guest list has an impact on other elements of the party.

Creating a Guest List for a New Years Eve Party - Avoiding Conflicts

One unfortunate "must happen" aspect of planning a New Years Eve party is that the host may sometimes have to make difficult decisions when he or she is creating his or her guest list. These decisions often arises if there are guests at the party who do not get along.

The host may be friends with all or most of the people they wish to invite, but they may also be aware

If the party is going to be a rather small event, the host then may have to decide to eliminate certain

If the event will be rather large, then it is less of a concern because, it is possible these people may not even see each other at the party and if they do, they will certainly not be pressured to interact because, there will be so many other guests.

However, the host will have to use his or her discretion when creating the guest list, and if he or she believes the guests will not be able to behave maturely at the party he or she may choose to remove, replace or eliminate one or more of the guests who is likely to cause a problem.

Creating a Guest List for a New Years Eve Party - Venue and Location Planning

The guest list will surely and greatly affect the location of the party. For example if you plan to host a small party for only a handful of guests, you will likely have no trouble hosting the party in your home.

However, if you plan to invite tens and hundreds of guest, it can be impossible to host the party in your home, unless you own an extremely large home. You will most likely have to rent a restaurant or catering hall to host your party in a location which will be large enough to accommodate all of your guests and somehow easy for them to go to.

Guests Size [Choosing The Perfect Venue]

The size of your guest list will also impact the location you select, because, many locations may set a minimum on the amount of guests required to reserve the room. What this obviously means is that, you will have to pay for a certain number of guests even if you do not plan to have this many guests in attendance.

Guests Size [Food Impact and Decisions]

The size of your guest list will also impact the food you plan to serve at your New Year's Eve party. Planning an elaborate sit down dinner for a few guests is relatively simple, but this becomes more difficult for a larger group.

If you invite many guests you may prefer to offer a buffet or only serve appetizers and desserts at your New Years Eve party.
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Special Events, Event Planning Tips, News, Guides & Followup. Wishes+ Christmas, New year, Birthday, Wedding etc. International & Local Events.
If you are planning a New Years Eve or a new year party, you may likely also be considering hiring a live band to play for you at your party. Hiring a live band is somehow an excellent entertainment option for a New Years Eve party, because, the guests will enjoy listening and dancing to the music throughout the evening.

Outside relaxation, the band can also help to keep the guest energized throughout the evening. However, when you are planning to hire a band for your party, there are some important considerations which you should make.

Some Important Checklist to Consider When Hiring a Band For Your New Years Eve Party

  • Band and its Members Availability
  • Cost or Price
  • Style of music
  • Band Members + Amount Of Space Required by the Band
  • Band Skills and Performance Quality
This article will take a look at some of these considerations and means to help you simplify the process of hiring a band to entertain at your New Years Eve party.

Band and its Members Availability

Availability is no doubt one of the first considerations in hiring a band for your New Years Eve party. New Year's Eve is a very busy occasion for entertainers and it may be difficult to book the band of your choice for your party, unless you have planned your event well in advance. Which is very much advisable

If your band of choice is unavailable, you should consider whether you would prefer to delay your party for a year until they are available or seek out another band to play at your party.

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Cost or Price

Price is another very important and yes, necessary consideration when it comes to selecting a band to play at your New Years Eve party. Although, it would be nice if you do not have to worry about money, but unfortunately most party hosts will have to budget their party carefully (also important).

This means the allocated budget for entertainment for the party will have an influence on the band which is chosen to perform at the party. This means, it might be necessary to make a decision to select one band over another based on the fees but don't settle for less..

Style Of Music

The Style of music should also be put into consideration when selecting a band to perform at a New Years Eve party. Most times, you may be tempted to select a band who you will or always enjoy hearing them perform,  but it is also important to keep your guests in mind when selecting a band to perform at your party.

Ideally the band you select to perform at your New Years Eve party will appeal to the majority of your guests.

Band Members + Amount Of Space Required by the Band

You also have to consider the amount of space you have available for the band you hire to perform. This becomes important because, a large band with up-to maybe 16 members will likely require significantly more than a band with only five members.

If you are not sure about the amount of space the band will require, it is very ideal to ask a representative from the band to visit the space before the event and evaluate the size of the available space to determine if they will be able to fit their equipment and perform in the space.

Band Skills and Performance Quality

When hiring a band, a good way to not be wrong is to hire a band you have seen perform in the past. This is one way to ensure the quality of the performance. However, if you have not seen any local bands perform, you might have to solicit ideas and recommendations from neighbors, family members. and friends.

If you know of anyone who in one time had a local band perform at their party, take the opportunity to ask him or her opinion of the band. If he or she recommends them, and it sounds like they would be a good fit for your party, ask them to submit a sample of their music for you to review.

You can also ask a few other bands to submit samples as well and you can compare these samples to determine which band you think will be best for your New Years Eve party.

You might even consider inviting a few friends over to listen to the samples and help you make your decision. Having a few friends assist you is a good idea to help ensure the band you select is sure to appeal to your guests.

Once you select a band, you should ask to view their contract and carefully review the contract to ensure you do not object to any of the contract terms that way, both parties are happy.

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