making a thumb drive USB key Halloween mask can really be fun as it gives you this scary face with the face turned upside down.. not just that, it also tells a bit of your tech sense and makes you stand out as well among the crowd. yes, something unique that is rarely seen or wore by almost just everyone. To make a thumb drive/USB key, do the following.

Equipments Needed:

  • CardBoard
  • Spray paint
  • Glue
  • A mask . You can get one from amazon Here or from winter-croft.
To make a thumb drive/USB key, take a cardboard box, spray paint it black and glue on some gold-colored paper. quiet simple and easy to do. Now cut out a curve for your head, depending on your head shape and style you prefer to use. its that easy, just add or apply the mask you already bought from amazon or winter-croft to your face whenever you feel like using it as it is detachable.

 Image of matt cutts rocking the Thumb Drive USB Key Halloween Mask.

 PS: do not use a gum on the mask, so you can always take it out at will.. liked what you just read? feel free to share it with your family, friends and loved ones on your social circle using any of the share buttons below. Sharing is caring.

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